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The Heart of What We Do

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, we’re proud to showcase the products that have benefited our clients  in the past. Service and detailed application expertise are how we maintain consistent clientele.

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Food & Beverage




Oil & Gas Refining


Sugar Refining

Water & Waste Water


  • pH Sensors / ORP (Redox) Sensors

  • Turbidity Meters and Monitors

  • Sodium and Silica Analyzers

  • Gas Analyzers - Oxygen Gas Sensors

  • Transmitters

  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors / Dissolved CO2 Sensors

  • Conductivity Sensors / Resistivity Sensors

    •  TOC (Total Organic Carbon)


  • Inline Digital Refractometers For Concentration Monitoring

  • On-Line Chemical Analysis

  • Concentration of specific chemicals in process and waste streams

  • Low and High range capabilities

  • Colorimetric

  • Color Titration

  • Potentiometric Titration

  • Ion Selective Electrode

  •       Direct Measurement

  • Calorimeter (High Speed)

  • BTU - Heat values of combustible gases

  • H2S Analyzer

  • Total Sulfur Analyzer

  • VG - Mass spectroscopy

  • Quadrapole

  • Level Transmitters

  • Humidity

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Please contact us if you require service or start-up on your analyzers

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